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Writing and Books

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   Ember Appleton thought she was in for a lousy afternoon when she got stood up on a blind date--little did she know she would end up in the wrong century! Focused on her love of art, Ember pays little attention to the world around her, until a freak accident sends her whirling back into Kansas City, in the year 1933. There she witnesses one of the city’s most gruesome catastrophes in history right before her eyes. However, her day gets a little brighter when she is rescued  by a handsome, concerned reporter who cannot take his eyes off of her…

   Daire Kelley has worked his whole life for this moment–an opportunity to capture history the moment it occurs and cement his name as a world-class reporter. That is until a bewildering woman materializes in front of him, stopping him in his tracks and catapulting him into a quandary he never expected: capture the crime of the decade on camera or rescue the intriguing woman who is standing in the crosshairs of the biggest mobster shootout in Kansas City history.

    Danger lurks in every corner of 1933 Kansas City, a city run by the powerful mafia machine. Can Ember survive the unexpected dangers of this complicated era? And will Daire be forced to set aside his lifelong dreams in order to keep them both alive? These two may be stuck in time, but could they have found each other for a reason?


My Writing Journey

Tossed Together Heather Manning

She is tossed into a marriage of convenience. He finds his new bride anything but convenient.

When I was 16 years old, I decided to attend the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention--admittedly, this was mainly to meet one of my favorite authors. On a whim, I pitched my novel to several editors and agents, and ended up landing a book deal with Clean Reads Publishing (formerly known as Astraea Press).

Since then, I have professionally published three inspirational historical novels in the Ladies of the Caribbean series: Swept to Sea, Carried Home, and Tossed Together. 

When I am not writing novels, you can catch me writing plays and scripts. Some of my pieces have been performed at both the Coterie Young Playwrights Festival and the Kansas City Fringe Festival. 

In Fall 2017, my script called A March Family Victorian Christmas, an adaption of Little Women was performed at Stephens College, replacing the previous Charles Dickens Victorian Christmas, which ran for twenty years. I also acted in the production as Louis May Alcott. Read all about this production here.

Carried Home Heather Manning
Swept to Sea Heather Manning

A desperate society lady seeks her family. An uncertain captain will do anything to help her.

A young lady risks everything to gain her future. A privateer recklessly seeks revenge.

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