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Life Update

Hello, all. It almost seems like I've lived a separate life since I last posted on here, so I thought I would write a little update.

After I graduated from Stephens College, I moved to Orlando, Florida to work for The Walt Disney Company. I now work there as a trainer and a costumer, and get to work on lots of exciting shows and entertainment offerings. (I am writing this during the COVID-19 Pandemic, so I am currently furloughed, but hope to be going back to work soon.)

My third novel, Tossed Together, was published in 2019. It's my personal favorite of the Ladies of the Caribbean trilogy, so please, go check it out if you are interested.

I also finished writing a new novel in a new series during quarantine, and I cannot wait to share more details on that with you soon. I am currently focused on editing that novel.

As always, for more frequent updates, please check my social media accounts, which are all linked on the bottom of my website. I post regularly to my Instagram.

Stay safe, stay well, and keep on reading, friends!

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